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Boiler Innovations

Our Services

Quality guaranteed workmanship


Boiler Repairs

We specialize in water and fire side repairs on all types of boilers.
All our services are certified in accordance with government regulations by a 3rd party Accredited Inspection Authority.



We supply a wide range of gasket materials and encapsulated o-rings for different applications and processes. 


Valve Supply / Fit

We overhaul all types of valves including single and double acting valves for processes.
We stock a variety of valves including valves with blank flanges that we can drill to the correct pitch circle diameter (pcd).
Training on valves are available.


Shut Downs

We help our customers reach their production goals by assisting them with resources during shutdown periods. Our qualified staff can work independently or in a team to meet deadlines and have extensive FMCG work experience on fillers, labellers, rinsers, depalletisers, palletisers, pasteurisers, homogenisers, autopackers, shrink wrappers, variopac, conveyor systems etc. Make use of our qualified staff for your next maintenance shutdown. Artisan trade test papers on request 


Energy Audits

We do energy audits to increase steam efficiency, troubleshooting on steam traps, steam plant design and specifying steam equipment. 



We offer preventative and proactive maintenance to our customers to reduce the risk of a breakdown.
High pressure boiler cleaning services and sandblasting.
Rebuilding of refractory walls.
Calibration of pressure indication gauges.
Fabrication of tanks, separators and condensers.
Fabrication of pipe systems and water treatment plants.
Hiring of qualified artisans eg.welders, boilermakers and mechanical fitters and turners for factory shutdowns as well as
Cladding and Insulation services


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